london’s romance with

Indian Food

A toast to a new

and young India through

halfplates & fulldrinks

Talli Joe is a casual, drinking and dining destination on Shaftesbury Avenue, London’s latest foodie hub. Our menu is innovative and vibrant, and delivers the undiscovered regional flavours of India straight to your table.

P.S TALLI /T-uh-li/ tipsy (adjective), a happy intoxicated state of being,
often rendering the legs useless

Joe is the everyman traveller in India,

An explorer of the extraordinary in a nation where the unexpected is
always just around the corner. Joe has brought his most memorable
tales back to London to share with anyone who will listen!

We are open
Monday to Saturday

with tables available for both walk-ins
and a limited number of reservations.

Please reserve your table below or email info@tallijoe.com

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