Every day in India, almost 200,000 Bombay office workers enjoy a dabba, a three-tiered lunch box carrying a fresh meal prepared at home with love. Talli Joe brings this revered tradition to London with its Lunch Dabbas. Priced at £10, each dabba will incorporate a vegetarian or meat half plate, stacked alongside a small plate and a carb or starch side plate for a full-flavoured lunch. Look at what we are serving this week

Moong Dal Pakori. Old Delhi's Butler Chicken / Butter Paneer, Rice, Naan and Kachumber Salad.Served to you table within 10 minutes or it‘s on the house!

Kale Bhaja, Mangsho Ghugni (Lamb and White Pea Curry) / Aloo Ghugni (Potato and White Pea Curry). Pao Roti and Plastic Chutney.

Dhokla Salad. Bhora Murg Biryani / Bhora Sabzi Biryani and Kakdi Raita.

Muttar Kachori Chat, Laal Maas / Papad Ki Sabzi, Bajra Ki Roti and Pickle Mix.

Goli Bhaji / Coconut Chutney, Fish Curry / Veg Curry, Matta Rice, Okra Raita and Pickle.

"Served to your table within 10 minutes or it's on the house!"