The Most Authentic Flavors of India in London

From the heart of an Indian to the heart of London, Talli Joe (Authentic Indian Restaurant In London) made its mark in serving the most authentic and tasty Indian food.
On his exploration of travel, cultures and cuisines, Joe brought back memories as well as appetizing and authentic dishes, that served as an inspiration for the Talli Joe menu.
Talli Joe believes in staying really close to tradition yet being experimental, innovative and vibrant. There is nothing more beautiful than being in London and enjoying the absolutely tempting flavours of India.

Dishes like Gol Baari Konsha Mangsho, Rajasthani papad ki sabzi, Sarson ka Saag, Kochi Beef Fry are the most authentic and tasty dishes from the regions of India.

Gol Baari Kosha Mangsho

Lamb roast on the bone + luchi. Comes as an inspiration straight from the Gol Baari of Kolkata. This deep rich Bengali lamb curry serves as the Bengali’s answer to Sunday roast. Smouldering velvety gravy shimmering over perfectly cooked juicy pieces of meat, makes this authentic Bengali dish a winner! Keeping true to its Bengali origin and serving it in its signature style, with Luchi.

Sarson ka Saag

The irresistibly tasty and flavourful Sarson ka saag derived straight from Punjab. “Mothers know best, for generations they have been cooking this Punjabi favourite, and for good reason, due to high nutritious content in the Sarson ka saag.

Nothing is more quintessentially Punjab than sarson ka saag and makkai ki roti. A vegetarian delight made from the leaves of the mustard plant, topped beautifully with the crème and served with the authentic and traditional cornmeal aka makkai ki roti.

Rajasthani Papad Ki Sabzi

From the region of Rajasthan, this traditional dish incorporates the best of papad, that can either be roasted or fried. One of the most oldest and loved Marwari dish that literally satisfies your taste buds with the beautifully simmered curry of papad in yogurt and tomato gravy. We serve this traditional and tempting dish with flat millet bread.

Authentic India Restaurant In London

Kochi Beef Fry

Scottish Beef rump tail pepper fry & paratha

When you crave for something spicy, mouth-watering and flavourful dig into this delicacy from Kerala, the Kochi Beef fry. Kerala, the south Indian state that loves its beef – preferably fried. We serve the most authentic combination of the Kochi beef fry with the parotta.

Come to Talli Joe, and experience the best of traditional, flavoursome, tempting yet innovative dishes that stay true to their origin and culture. Talli Joe: The most Authentic India Restaurant in London

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