The Tasty Talli Brunch in London

By June 7, 2018Dining
Best Indian Bottomless Brunch London

Best Indian Brunch in London A.k.a The Tasty Talli Brunch


Sometimes it’s hard to make up your mind, when it comes to a gorgeous breakfast or an amazing lunch. Well, we got your back! Bringing the best of both these meals in our Tasty Talli brunch.

Brunches are the best combination of wholesome food, great taste, value for money, and a well spread menu. Also, there is nothing better to top it off with free flowing prosecco for 90 minutes! We bring for you a combination of dishes that will not only satisfy your appetite, but also give your taste buds the perfect zest!

Let’s tuck into a platter of regional Indian dishes, which will take you straight to the fulfilling and satisfying flavours of India.

Menu that includes:
• Crispy Pavakkai

Crispy fried Bitter Gourd, citrus salt
Making you relive the indian taste, with this superfood Karela, that is beautifully made crispy with the perfect flavour of citrus salt.

• Indore Style Chana Chaat
Favourite Street food of India, Chickpeas and Potato Chaat with spicy and tangy chutney.
The zesty and tangy Chana Chaat, inspired from the favourite street food of India, made in the typical Indore style.

• Prawn Bhalchao
Goan style fiery and tangy prawns
Transporting you back to the culture and taste of the free spirited Goa, we bring to you a dish that captures the authentic taste of the goan style curry and the tangy flavoured prawns.

• Venison Kheema Paratha
Parsee Kheema stuffed in a Naan, brushed with Ghee
Kheema stuffed in a Naan, brushed with a generous amount of Ghee is the our take on the enriching paratha from Lucknow .Also, not to forget that the Kheema is made in parsee style combination that makes it even more exciting.

Old Delhi Butter Chicken Pulao
Chargrilled and Pulled Chicken cooked fresh tomato, fenugreek and rice
The mighty and classic butter chicken, a proud dish for the North indians, with a subtle taste of fenugreek mixed with rice to make the perfect pulao.

• Tomatorer Chutney
Bengali style tomato chutney
The typical taste of bengal with the tangy and tasty tomato chutney.

• Papad
Roasted and Spiced Popadum
There is no better companion than the Roasted papad to make every meal complete and tasty.

• Tender Coconut Pudding
Kerala style coconut pudding with poached berries.
Literally the queen of the brunch menu, that is irresistibly tasty with the flavours of south India, with a twist of coconut paired with poached berries.

90 minutes of spicy plates, good vibes and BOTTOMLESS Prosecco! Ahh we don’t think you should miss this at any cost!
So let’s indulge in the most soul affirming brunch at Talli joe from starting from 23rd June every Saturday, 12.00- 3.00.  Price: £35 pp

We promise to make your Weekend even better, with our flavour packed special brunch menu. Book now