The Best Indian Restaurant London Michelin

Taking off from the earthy flavours of India, Talli joe found a spot in the Michelin Guide 2017 within just seven months of its existence,and also got recommended in Michelin 2018, 2nd year in a row!

“Half plates and full drinks“ Pretty much describes Talli joe..

Serving the most authentic regional Indian dishes focusing on food and service. With bright, bold cooking designed not only to enchant your taste buds but also bring the flavours of India to London, Talli joe established itself as a casual dining restaurant in London..

The Indian food scene in London has changed big time. Nowadays, because a lot more people travel, diners know more of what to expect from Indian cuisine.

Diners in London don’t just settle for curry anymore’

Diners are now looking for, The Best Indian Restaurant London Michelin
Thus, breaking the monotony of Indian curries  and adding a flavourful twist Talli Joe won the British Curry Awards as the Most Innovative Restaurant 2017 and the Asian Curry Awards as the Best Casual Indian Restaurant 2017

Apart from this, Talli Joe also featured in the Conde Nast Traveller as the Best Restaurants in London 2017 and also in the Evening Standard – Best Indian Restaurants in London 2017.

As a restaurant, Talli Joe looks forward to many more achievements, successes and definitely lots of wholesome, tasty and authentic regional food!

The Best Indian Restaurant London Michelin

Our most authentic and the most all-time favourite dessert the Black Gajjar ka Halwa, featured in Time Out – Top 10 dishes 2016 and in  Feed the Lion as the Best Dessert in London..

Unlike your standard Gajar Halwa (sweet and orange in colour), the most loved Black Gajjar ka Halwa is  made using heritage black carrots topped with salted peanut brittle, that delicately hits your sweet tooth cravings thus giving you just the right amount of sugar rush. On the other hand, the peanut brittle adds the perfect crunch and saltiness to the dish