Best Indian Restaurant London, Recommended by Michelin

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The Best Indian Restaurant London Michelin

Taking off from the earthy flavours of India, Talli joe found a spot in the Michelin Guide 2017 within just seven months of its existence,and also got recommended in Michelin 2018, 2nd year in a row!

“Half plates and full drinks“ Pretty much describes Talli joe..

Serving the most authentic regional Indian dishes focusing on food and service. With bright, bold cooking designed not only to enchant your taste buds but also bring the flavours of India to London, Talli joe established itself as a casual dining restaurant in London..

The Indian food scene in London has changed big time. Nowadays, because a lot more people travel, diners know more of what to expect from Indian cuisine.

Diners in London don’t just settle for curry anymore’

Diners are now looking for, The Best Indian Restaurant London Michelin
Thus, breaking the monotony of Indian curries  and adding a flavourful twist Talli Joe won the British Curry Awards as the Most Innovative Restaurant 2017 and the Asian Curry Awards as the Best Casual Indian Restaurant 2017

Apart from this, Talli Joe also featured in the Conde Nast Traveller as the Best Restaurants in London 2017 and also in the Evening Standard – Best Indian Restaurants in London 2017.

As a restaurant, Talli Joe looks forward to many more achievements, successes and definitely lots of wholesome, tasty and authentic regional food!

The Best Indian Restaurant London Michelin

Our most authentic and the most all-time favourite dessert the Black Gajjar ka Halwa, featured in Time Out – Top 10 dishes 2016 and in  Feed the Lion as the Best Dessert in London..

Unlike your standard Gajar Halwa (sweet and orange in colour), the most loved Black Gajjar ka Halwa is  made using heritage black carrots topped with salted peanut brittle, that delicately hits your sweet tooth cravings thus giving you just the right amount of sugar rush. On the other hand, the peanut brittle adds the perfect crunch and saltiness to the dish

Authentic Indian Restaurant In London

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The Most Authentic Flavors of India in London

From the heart of an Indian to the heart of London, Talli Joe (Authentic Indian Restaurant In London) made its mark in serving the most authentic and tasty Indian food.
On his exploration of travel, cultures and cuisines, Joe brought back memories as well as appetizing and authentic dishes, that served as an inspiration for the Talli Joe menu.
Talli Joe believes in staying really close to tradition yet being experimental, innovative and vibrant. There is nothing more beautiful than being in London and enjoying the absolutely tempting flavours of India.

Dishes like Gol Baari Konsha Mangsho, Rajasthani papad ki sabzi, Sarson ka Saag, Kochi Beef Fry are the most authentic and tasty dishes from the regions of India.

Gol Baari Kosha Mangsho

Lamb roast on the bone + luchi. Comes as an inspiration straight from the Gol Baari of Kolkata. This deep rich Bengali lamb curry serves as the Bengali’s answer to Sunday roast. Smouldering velvety gravy shimmering over perfectly cooked juicy pieces of meat, makes this authentic Bengali dish a winner! Keeping true to its Bengali origin and serving it in its signature style, with Luchi.

Sarson ka Saag

The irresistibly tasty and flavourful Sarson ka saag derived straight from Punjab. “Mothers know best, for generations they have been cooking this Punjabi favourite, and for good reason, due to high nutritious content in the Sarson ka saag.

Nothing is more quintessentially Punjab than sarson ka saag and makkai ki roti. A vegetarian delight made from the leaves of the mustard plant, topped beautifully with the crème and served with the authentic and traditional cornmeal aka makkai ki roti.

Rajasthani Papad Ki Sabzi

From the region of Rajasthan, this traditional dish incorporates the best of papad, that can either be roasted or fried. One of the most oldest and loved Marwari dish that literally satisfies your taste buds with the beautifully simmered curry of papad in yogurt and tomato gravy. We serve this traditional and tempting dish with flat millet bread.

Authentic India Restaurant In London

Kochi Beef Fry

Scottish Beef rump tail pepper fry & paratha

When you crave for something spicy, mouth-watering and flavourful dig into this delicacy from Kerala, the Kochi Beef fry. Kerala, the south Indian state that loves its beef – preferably fried. We serve the most authentic combination of the Kochi beef fry with the parotta.

Come to Talli Joe, and experience the best of traditional, flavoursome, tempting yet innovative dishes that stay true to their origin and culture. Talli Joe: The most Authentic India Restaurant in London

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London’s best pre-theatre and post theatre dining!

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Talli joe presents it’s IN -HOUSE production


London’s best pre-theatre and post theatre dining!


The tough state of dilemma when you want to be seated well in time for the curtain-up of your favourite play but at the same time satisfy your hunger pangs. Manage to get the best of both with Talli Joe.

Located in in the heart of the Theatre land, Talli Joe offers a delicious range of pre theatre or post theatre meals near phoenix theatre, palace theatre London, Cambridge theatre, Apollo Victoria theatre and Shaftesbury theatre.

Before you watch Aladdin or post your indulgence into the magnifying and glorious Lion king there’s a great theatre menu waiting to satisfy all your food cravings. Ditch the popcorn and theatre snacks for some really delicious and flavorful Indian food!

Curtain Raiser: 5pm-6.30pm

Our theatre set menu gives you a chance to choose from 2 small plates + 1 half plate for only 15

Rasam Shrimp shot

Shrimp poached in South Indian tomato broth
Ask your server for veggie option

Kale Chaat

Old Delhi street food. Our version – crispy kale, potato, pomegranate, sweet yoghurt

Dhokla Salad

Steamed gram flour cakes, kohlrabi & nuts

Old Delhi Butter Chicken Samosa

Tandoori Chicken thigh cooked with tomato & fenugreek, stuffed in a samosa
Ask your server for veggie option

Choose 1 Half Plate from:

Bohri Chicken

Cooked with a secret combination of masalas of the Bohri community, Gujarat + fenugreek flat bread

Papad ki Sabzi

Curry of papad simmered in a yoghurt & tomato gravy
straight from the deserts of Rajasthan, served with Millet flat bread

Gol Baari Kosha Mangsho

Lamb roast on the bone + luchi. Inspired by Gol Baari of Kolkata

Konkani Fish Curry

Talli’s tilapia curry with rice. Made with coconut, kokum & chilli, served with steamed rice & mango pickle.

Curtain Call: 9.30 pm

Just the right amount of zest and flavour to satisfy your taste buds and take you through a flavour ride! For every food loving theatre- goer this theatre menu is truly a treat!

Try our a la carte or a set menus with a cocktail or two to complete your evening out experience. Indian food  served in small plates allows you to sample  the different flavours from around India.. “

All in good faith, for the love of theatre and lots and lots of delicious food:P

London’s best pre-theatre and post theatre dining!

To Book your Pre and Post Theatre Meals

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Best Indian Bottomless Brunch London

The Tasty Talli Brunch in London

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Best Indian Brunch in London A.k.a The Tasty Talli Brunch


Sometimes it’s hard to make up your mind, when it comes to a gorgeous breakfast or an amazing lunch. Well, we got your back! Bringing the best of both these meals in our Tasty Talli brunch.

Brunches are the best combination of wholesome food, great taste, value for money, and a well spread menu. Also, there is nothing better to top it off with free flowing prosecco for 90 minutes! We bring for you a combination of dishes that will not only satisfy your appetite, but also give your taste buds the perfect zest!

Let’s tuck into a platter of regional Indian dishes, which will take you straight to the fulfilling and satisfying flavours of India.

Menu that includes:
• Crispy Pavakkai

Crispy fried Bitter Gourd, citrus salt
Making you relive the indian taste, with this superfood Karela, that is beautifully made crispy with the perfect flavour of citrus salt.

• Indore Style Chana Chaat
Favourite Street food of India, Chickpeas and Potato Chaat with spicy and tangy chutney.
The zesty and tangy Chana Chaat, inspired from the favourite street food of India, made in the typical Indore style.

• Prawn Bhalchao
Goan style fiery and tangy prawns
Transporting you back to the culture and taste of the free spirited Goa, we bring to you a dish that captures the authentic taste of the goan style curry and the tangy flavoured prawns.

• Venison Kheema Paratha
Parsee Kheema stuffed in a Naan, brushed with Ghee
Kheema stuffed in a Naan, brushed with a generous amount of Ghee is the our take on the enriching paratha from Lucknow .Also, not to forget that the Kheema is made in parsee style combination that makes it even more exciting.

Old Delhi Butter Chicken Pulao
Chargrilled and Pulled Chicken cooked fresh tomato, fenugreek and rice
The mighty and classic butter chicken, a proud dish for the North indians, with a subtle taste of fenugreek mixed with rice to make the perfect pulao.

• Tomatorer Chutney
Bengali style tomato chutney
The typical taste of bengal with the tangy and tasty tomato chutney.

• Papad
Roasted and Spiced Popadum
There is no better companion than the Roasted papad to make every meal complete and tasty.

• Tender Coconut Pudding
Kerala style coconut pudding with poached berries.
Literally the queen of the brunch menu, that is irresistibly tasty with the flavours of south India, with a twist of coconut paired with poached berries.

90 minutes of spicy plates, good vibes and BOTTOMLESS Prosecco! Ahh we don’t think you should miss this at any cost!
So let’s indulge in the most soul affirming brunch at Talli joe from starting from 23rd June every Saturday, 12.00- 3.00.  Price: £35 pp

We promise to make your Weekend even better, with our flavour packed special brunch menu. Book now

Ramadan Iftar menu - Tallijoe

Celebrate food and culture this Ramadan with Talli Joe

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Talli joe invites you to a special celebration of food and culture this Ramadan

Let’s celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with an Iftar meal that is shared, savoured and celebrated with every bite. A menu that is curated to take you down the memory lane as you relish the dishes from regional India. Keeping true to the tradition, we welcome you to start the feast with dates and water.

Following this you will be served a sharing platter and don’t worry if you need more… we will make sure you are well fed.

Of course not to forget, the free flowing Masala Chai that you can sip along your meal.

Meals will be served at Iftar Times.
Dates: Starting from: 15th May – 14th June;  Monday – Saturday
Price: £35
Dishes served include:

* Halwai ki Mattar Kachori – Spicy pea-stuffed short bread in butternut squash & potato curry
* Kale Chaat – Delhi street food. Our version – crispy kale, potato, pomegranate, sweet yoghurt
* Moong Dal Pakori – Lentil Fritters, Mooli and Green Chutney
* Truffle Ghee Kulcha – Naan stuffed with cottage cheese, brushed with truffle ghee
* Chicken 21 – Stir-fried chicken tossed with South Indian spices & curry leaves
* Fish Kempu – Classic Mangalorean crispy fish and okra, tadka mayo
* Gol Baari Kosha Mangsho – Lamb roast on the bone. Inspired by Gol Baari of Kolkata
* Bohri Chicken – Cooked with a secret combination of masalas of the Bohri community

* Beverage – Free flowing Masala Chai.

*For desert we have our most authentic version the: Black Gajar ka Halwa


Please reserve your table below or email

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, acts of charity and spending time with loved ones. With this in view Talli Joe will share a part of the proceedings from Ramadan Iftar Meals with Curry forChange.

Curry for Change is run by two UK based charities Find your Feet and Health Poverty Action currently working in 19 countries in the world helping vulnerable families start to build a future free from Hunger and Povert


*The Chicken and Lamb served is Halal.

We look forward to seeing you during this time.

Cult Classic comes to Talli!

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Sarson ka Saag – Mustard Saag is a traditional dish from Punjab prepared and eaten in winters. Served with Cornmeal bread (Makki ki Roti), it’s a delicacy, one can’t miss. Chef Sameer Taneja shares his recipe of this delightful dish.
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