Chana Jor Garam | 2.00 (v,ve)

Spicy & tangy roasted black gram

Moong Dal Pakori | 3.00 (v,d,ve)

New Delhi’s favourite lentil fritters, grated mooli & green chilli chutney

Kale Chaat | 5.50 (v,d,e,g)

Old Delhi street food. Our version – crispy kale, potato, pomegranate, sweet yoghurt

Lobster Momo | MP (c,e,g)

Darjeeling style lobster momos, chicken stock, cucumber salad, served with chili chutney

Truffle Ghee Kulcha | 5.00 (v,g,d,e)

Naan stuffed with cottage cheese, brushed with truffle ghee

Seafood and Okra Kempu | 8.50 (g,e,f,c,m)

Classic Mangalorean crispy seafood and okra, tadka mayo

Chicken 21 | 8.50(e)

Stir-fried chicken tossed with South Indian spices & curry leaves

Rajasthani Papad Ki Sabzi | 9.50 (v,d)

Curry of papad simmered in a yoghurt and tomato gravy straight from the deserts of Rajasthan. Served with Millet flat bread

Parsee Venison Kheema Ghotala | 8.25 (d,e,g)

Spicy venison mince scrambled with organic egg yolk, with a side of pao

Konkani Sea Bass Curry | 11.50 (f,m,s)

Konkani Sea Bass Curry | 11.50 (f,m,s) Coastal Fish Curry with tender coconut & redric. (Ask your server for veggie option)

Kochi Beef Fry | 11.50(g)

Scottish Beef rump tail pepper fry & paratha

Dahi Kulhad | 1.50 (v,d)

Slightly sweetened yogurt, a great accompaniment to help you handle the spice!

Fenugreek Bread | 2.00 (v,d,g)

Steam Rice | 2.50(v)

Corn Meal Bread | 2.00 (v,g)

Black Gajar Halwa | 3.75 (d,v,n)
(Time Out Top Ten Dishes of 2016)

Heritage black carrots & salted peanut brittle

Mango Sorbet | 3.75 (v,e)

Home made Mango sorbet

Green Blossom Green Tea | 3.00

Masala Chai | 3.00

Coffee | 3.00

All items may contain nuts and other allergens. Please speak to your server regarding any allergy/intolerances. Come in to enjoy the Best Indian Food in London
All prices are inclusive of VAT. A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill.