India & Pakistan: Divided by borders, united by culture!

By September 13, 2017Dining

“India and Pakistan share a deeply intimate food culture. This meal celebrates the culinary heritage which binds these nations together and celebrates all we have achieved in gastronomy as a collective region, irrespective of geographically defined borders.” – Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, 29..

Salina Mahmood Ahmed, Masterchef UK Winner 2017, joins Chef Sameer Taneja at Talli Joe. They will cook dishes inspired by the Grand Trunk Road to celebrate the 70th Independence Day of India and Pakistan. Grand Trunk Road that connects India to Pakistan has been the centre of trade for over two millennia. The inspiration for this menu is from the cities the road runs through. It includes the delicious Mocha Chop from the streets of Kolkata and Namak Mandi Karahi from the Namak Mandi (Salt Market) of Peshawar..

Other notable dishes in this feast are, a venison version of the famous chapli kebab, a dish native to the Peshwari region of Pakistan and the classic butter chicken in a samosa from the Delhi region. A total of ten dishes have made the list, Indian style – lentil fritters and a sea bass curry from Taxilla in Pakistan. A lot more will be on the plate as we prepare to treat you with a shared feast

India and Pakistan had to undergo a partition in 1947. Yet, they still share hostility on various fronts; a lot of similarities in food, art and culture. At Talli Joe, we aim to celebrate our shared culture & food, hoping, both countries can appreciate what we share.

A beautiful combination of Pakistani and Indian food will be on serving. You can book tickets for this feast, visit

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